2022 - One week Course on Mucogingival Surgical Techniques


25 - 30 April 2022

Paris (France) - 26K Centre for Clinical Research


Prof. Massimo De Sanctis - Prof. Sofia Aroca

Dr. Francesco De Sanctis - Dr. Davide Guglielmi


The One Week on Mucogingival Surgical Techniques will be a full immersion in soft tissue surgical techniques, where Prof. Massimo de Sanctis, Prof Sofia Aroca, Dr Francesco de Sanctis and Dr Davide Gugliemi will share with you all the practical detailed information on the most updated techniques together with the rationale for their utilizations. The week is organized with frontal sessions dedicated to each single surgical techniques and hands-on sessions to apply immediately what has been shown on the screen. Also treatment plan with practical exercises will be discussed with the participants. The last part of the Course will be illustrated with live surgeries.

The official language of the Course is English.